Sunday August 20, 2017

Child Care artistic enlightenment classes (Artistic Director: cherry tao)

Age :3-5 years of age (3-4 years old morning classes, afternoon classes 4-5 years old)
Number: 10-12 small class education / classes
Faculty: All taught by professional teachers
Time: Morning Class 9:00 am - 12:00; afternoon class 1:00-3:30; each class Monday to Friday
Charges: 600 yuan / month; charge of all the three months to receive
Summary: not time child care quarterly summary report performance in March, welcomed the children parents went to the site to watch
Monday: early childhood physical exercise, early childhood art
Tuesday: Orff music training, music theory, elementary education
Wednesday: early childhood piano enlightenment training, child care, physical exercise
Thursday: Orff music training, child care, vocal
Friday: Child Care is a comprehensive performing training, child care, percussion

Children's choir
Age :6-11 years (range 6-9; 8-11)
Teachers: experienced vocal teacher teaching
Number :10-12
Time: Tuesday, four 4:30 pm-6: 00pm; Saturday, Day 1:30-4:00
Charges: 400 yuan / month; charges on a seasonal basis
Summary: the end of June each year hold a report on performance


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