Sunday August 20, 2017
Music Theory

Summer RCM  Theory Class

A summer camp description:
Through intensive training for children, poor children to read musical notation you the ability to strengthen their ability to read musical notation and in August ready to test the knowledge of music students more confident and more fully meet the Grading, and further to achieve better results . College organization a number of experienced teachers to visit the guide, so that students can better grasp of music theory.
Purpose: I try, I harvest
Subject: Student knowledge of music intensive training
Venue: Wesleyan College of Art
Participants: some read musical notation is relatively weak and ready to test knowledge of music students
Instructor: Shaw issued where \ toni
Conditions: strong organizations moments law, the full support of parents
Time: the end of June to the end of August (the specific time to be determined); one a week, each lasting five days; 09:30 AM-03: 30PM
Charges: CDN 400 yuan / person
1, by the concentration of the leading teachers for students to learn music theory exam music theory teaching guide
2, including one hour of relaxation instruction by professional teachers to focus on to teach
3, a professional assistant, accompanied the students according to the teacher teaches the guidelines and requirements accompany the student to practice.


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