Sunday August 20, 2017
Summer Camp

Wesleyan College of the Arts Summer Camp

The introduction of summer camp:Emphasized the hands of children, mental and physical ability, content-rich activities, every day there are new programs to further enrich the children living at the same time, while still allowing the children at the event by organizing a wealth of music and literature and puzzle game in both the income.

Purpose: I'm happy, harvest

Subject: School of Music Art and characteristics of lead, a multiple choice

Venue: Wesleyan College of Art

Participants :5-12-year-old children

1, interested in music, art and language, organizational skills
2, the organization regularity, and parents' support

Time: the end of June to the end of August (the specific time to be determined); one a week, each lasting five days; each phase of the students up to more than 30 people.

Charges: CDN 225 yuan / person

1, train to teach children language summary of capacity, driven by the children the courage to demonstrate the ability of self;
2, training children's sense of music and hearing
3, play the children's ability to draw
4, entertaining the children to compete in the game to increase the cohesion of the team


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