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Wesley Music & Arts Academy

College Profile
Wesleyan College of Art (Wesley Music & Arts Academy) in Vancouver West, 1256 Broadway, is a comprehensive college of music and art based. Extensive curriculum of the College, including the Western musical instruments, folk instruments, fine arts, early childhood education, the majority of children, adolescents, and adults of the music-loving art to provide professional, comprehensive, high-level music and art training.

Principles of teaching
"Professional integrity" is the Institute's education policy, "people-oriented, individualized college education, tailored for each child, to allow children to develop their self-confidence in a variety of successful music performing arts stage, self-College commitment to you.

Institute of purpose
The mission of the Wesleyan College of the Arts is to provide top of the learning environment and professional system of music and art education for the Vancouver children. The Court focused on the students learning and performing, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of the children, help them obtain joy and success in the future on the road.

College courses: piano classes, violin classes, erhu classes, guzheng classes, vocal classes, music theory classes, children's music and movement classes, children Chinese children's songs rhythm classes, children's art of leadership lecture classes, children's art of painting classes

Excellent team of teachers is fundamental to the success of schools, Wesleyan College of Art has a high level of professionalism, dedication and a wealth of teaching experience international faculty. These elite teachers are all very distinguished musicians, artists, educators, they not only have a wealth of theoretical knowledge, and have many years of practical teaching experience, the students they train are professional outstanding success.

Wesleyan College of the Arts professional teaching environment and first-class teaching facilities, the spirit of children every dream to enter the Temple of Music and Arts College of the layout, decoration and sound insulation in strict accordance with the professional design and construction of local requirements, and strive to be the most special, most refined, the best. We believe that the effectiveness and durability of an excellent and professional atmosphere of teaching and learning environment for students to learn to play a very important role. College great importance to the important role of parents in the learning process, I hope to maintain close contact with parents, anytime, anywhere to deal with any teaching-related issues and recommendations.

Educational goals
Wesleyan College of the Arts focus on cultivating the art of music talent and potential students and encourage them to participate in various competitions and Grading, and create the opportunity to recommend to the professional institutions of higher learning and talents.

Learning efforts for recognition of students' enthusiasm for learning, positive student, we have the appropriate incentives, for example; Grade Examination can obtain 90 points or more, or a trophy in the various competitions, the institute will be additional to of students awarded gold and Certificate of Excellence.


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